Learner safety and welfare is paramount to us at North of England Training.
If you feel that you are at risk of harm for any reason, or if you are worried about someone you know, then we have a designated member of staff who will listen and help identify what actions can be taken to help.

Emmelia Taylor,
Designated Safeguarding Officer

This person is Emmelia Taylor, who is our Designated Safeguarding Officer.
There are many different things you can talk to Emmelia about, including:
• Mental health
• Physical health
• Online abuse
• Concerns about radicalisation
• Abusive relationships
• ‘Sexting’
• Bullying
• Racism
• Sexism
• Substance abuse
• Housing
• Concerns for children’s safety

Emmelia’s contact details are:

Emmelia Taylor
Designated Safeguarding Officer
Mobile 07932 828947