National Apprenticeship Week 2018

Apprenticeships are growing in popularity with more learners opting for a hands-on education and more employers seeking to train their own staff in-house from day one. The Government are strongly supporting this movement with the aim to have 3 million young people in apprenticeships by 2020.

Did you know National Apprenticeship Week has been celebrated since 2007? This year’s event will be taking place between the 5th and 9th of March and everyone is welcome to get involved and celebrate apprenticeships! But what is an apprenticeship and how can it benefit you?

We have written this handy blog post to outline the advantages of an apprenticeship for an employer.

How can an apprentice benefit my business?

Traditionally apprenticeships were more common within the manufacturing and construction industry. Over the years this has changed drastically with apprenticeship courses now being available in everything from digital marketing to business administration.

Any business, small or large can take on an apprentice, it’s a great opportunity for an employer to grow their business and train their team to a high standard. You can enrol an experienced member of staff on to an apprenticeship to enable them to upskill and take on new roles and responsibilities, or you may want to bring new talent into your team.

An apprentice can be any age, but grants of £1000 are available for learners between the ages of 16 and 19. How’s that for a great incentive? These grants are for businesses with under 50 members of staff and who do not pay into the Levy.

If your business doesn’t fall into the above category, then you can still apply for Government funding to cover 90% of the training fees. Or if you are a large employer with a salary bill of more than £3 million per year, then you will already be paying into your Levy account, meaning you already have a pot of funds to use on apprenticeship training now! (see below for more details)

What do I need in place?

When you choose to take on an apprentice you need to have a suitable team, or person, in place to train and support them. Younger apprentices are often straight from school and eager to learn in a real-world environment and need an experienced mentor.

When taking on any employee you must have suitable Health and Safety procedures in place, as well as a suitable work area, first aid kit, incident report book and other essentials. As a training provider we can advise you further on your legal requirements.

What do I pay an apprentice?

The minimum payment for an apprentice per hour is £3.50 (if they’re under 19), however, many employers choose to pay their apprentices the national average wage to match that of their fellow employees.

What we do here at North of England Training

As an independent training provider based in Chorley, we work closer with employers to offer suitable training that suits the needs of the learner.

Our expert team of assessors and trainers will work with your apprentice, or apprentices on a one-to-one basis and training sessions can be hosted within your place of work at times to suit your business. There’s no need for your apprentice to leave for a week to attend class elsewhere.

Our proactive team are always available so if yourself of your learner has any questions regarding the course we are just a phone call, email or visit away.

The Levy

The Apprenticeship Levy came into effect on April 6th, 2017. This was introduced to coincide with the Government’s 2020 vision. All employers, that have an annual pay bill of over £3 million, will receive £15,000 annual allowance to offset against the bill. Effectively if your pay bill is less than £3million you won’t have to pay a penny.

If your annual pay bill is over £3 million, 0.5% of your annual bill will be paid into the Levy via HMRC in monthly PAYE payments. This can then be accessed via an online digital account service to pay for apprenticeship training.

If your annual pay bill does not meet these requirements 100% of the apprenticeship training will be covered if you hire an apprentice between the ages of 16 and 18.


If you would like more information regarding apprentices, or you would like to know more about the apprentice courses we offer please contact us today on 01257 208830

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