GSCE Results Day – What Now

What are your plans following results day? There has been a nice rest break following final exams but now many students are looking at their options going forward. Have you planned your next steps?

This year GCSE results day takes place on Wednesday, August 22nd and the run up to the big day is nerve wrecking for parents and students alike. It’s important every day to remind yourself, that you did the best of your abilities. Overthinking the exams and wondering what you could have done differently is a sure way to work yourself up! Stay positive and embrace the results, whatever they may be.

Don’t forget there are plenty of options after results day and below we are going to outline them all for you.


If you enjoy classroom based learning, college is one option for you. You have a range of options with college. You can take A Levels which allows you to choose 4 subject areas in the first year and 3 in the second year. Depending on the college the choice of subjects is endless.

Another option is a B-tec course. These courses focus on one specific subject area so if you know the industry you want to progress into a B-tec course might be a suitable option. These courses usually last 2 years and will give you the qualifications required to enter a university.


More and more students are opting for an apprenticeship following high school (and even college) as it’s a great way to build first hand experience within an industry. You can gain a whole host of qualification levels through an apprenticeship. You can even achieve a level 5 qualification which is the equivalent of a university degree!

A apprenticeship lasts between 1 and 4 years with average qualifications taking 18 months to achieve. One of the great advantages with an apprenticeship is that you can continue levelling up. Once you have completed a Level 1 qualification, you can discuss working towards your Level 2 with your employer, and then Level 3 and so on! You can achieve all of this whilst earning a regular wage and gaining valuable first hand experience in a real world workplace.

Another great feature of an apprenticeship is the work based learning. Depending on your training provider you will spend 1 day a week, or in some cases 1 week a month in a classroom environment. At North of England Training we provide training onsite so you don’t have to leave the office. During these training sessions you will have 121 time with a tutor to go through your units. Each unit works towards your qualification and is supported by your workplace achievements.

If you’re more hands on and eager to get first hand experience, an apprenticeship is the perfect choice.

Workplace Progression

There’s nothing stopping you at any point in your life from returning to education! With the new Levy many businesses offer training to their employees. If you would like to resit a GSCE or you would like to enhance your skills to achieve a promotion within your company – you can!

At North of England Training we work with learners of all ages on a 121 basis to help them achieve their qualifications. We offer Business Administration, Customer Services and Management Qualifications that allow learners to achieve more.

Whatever path you take there are always options to resit your GSCEs if you didn’t quite achieve the grades you were hoping for. Many colleges and apprenticeships will honour your acceptance and will allow you to resit exams. If you don’t get into the course you wanted perhaps look at resitting exams or going into an apprenticeship for a year or two before reapplying for college. You can apply to college for free up until the age of 19 and you can start an apprenticeship at any age!


If you would like any more information regarding your apprenticeship options please don’t hesitate to contact the North of England Team. We would be happy to discuss your perfect career path. Contact us via the details below:

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