Tips for securing an apprenticeship

Yes it is. Securing an apprenticeship is the same as securing any other job. There will be other applicants applying for the same vacancy and you will need to impress the person shortlisting the applications to get through the interview and ultimately to secure the job for yourself.

There are three main ways that you can make your application stand out
to employers. Use the ‘FIT’ method:

1. F – Find out more about the employer – what do you know about the employer? Have you looked at their company website?

2. I – Identify yourself – get your personality across and identify the skills and attributes that you have that make you unique.

3. T – Tailor your application – don’t just send a generic application form that could be used for any job, think about your skills and experience and how they link to the job that you are applying for.

On average, there are around 11 applicants for every apprenticeship job. This is typical of the labour market and you would find even if you were applying for a part-time job, or a non-apprenticeship job that you would still be up against other applicants. Some vacancies with large, well-known companies will receive significantly more applications – sometimes hundreds. What is important is making you stand out from the crowd so that you are unique and memorable to the person who is responsible for shortlisting applications
Ask yourself the following questions:

• Are there any spelling and grammar mistakes? Ask a friend or family member to check.

• Have you made enough of an effort to complete all sections of the form with detailed answers?

• Do you come across as passionate and interested in the job role?

• Have you matched your job application to the job advert? For example, if they have asked for someone with good communication skills, have you demonstrated that you have such skills? Give them an example.

• Do you meet the essential / desirable criteria that they have asked for?

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